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Launch and decentralization 11 moves! Road transport reform of
Release time:2018-11-28

The sustained and healthy development of the road transport industry is closely related to the well-being of the people. Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), China has been deepening reform of the administrative system, transforming government functions, and deepening reform of "decentralization, regulation and service", which have greatly stimulated market vitality and social creativity. The 19th national congress of the communist party of China stressed that we should transform government functions, deepen streamlining administration and delegating power, innovate oversight methods, enhance government credibility and enforcement, and build a service-oriented government that is satisfactory to the people. This has further pointed out the direction for deepening the reform of "decentralization, management and service" and provided an action guide for advancing the reform and development of road transport.

Under the new situation, the traditional management system and supervision mode with administrative examination and approval as the main content can no longer meet the needs of the transformation and development of the road transport industry. Promote "pipes" of the road transport reform, must take the blade to the revolutionary courage and self determination, tightly around the handle between government and market, further promote the reform of "pipes", strive to lighten the burden of enterprise management, create a good market environment, constantly stimulate the market vitality and creativity, promote the sustained and healthy development of road transport industry.

The enterprise huimin

Eleven measures to streamline administration and delegate more power have invigorated the market

With the fundamental purpose of benefiting enterprises and the people, the ministry of transport has focused on optimizing the market environment, stimulating market vitality, accelerating the transformation of government functions, and pushing forward the reform of road transport "decentralization, management and service". All these efforts have yielded positive results.

First, we should let go as much as we can, and take effective measures to streamline administration and delegate power. We focused on major problems that were strongly reflected by the people, introduced the "11 measures" to streamline administration and delegate more power, broke down market barriers, and cut taxes and fees. Cancelled the approval of foreign-invested road transport projects; By the end of this year, road transport licenses for ordinary freight vehicles of 4.5 tons or less and the qualification certificates for employees will be canceled, differentiated supervision of freight vehicles will be implemented, and 6 million light and micro freight vehicles will be exempted from administration. Canceling the matters of motor vehicle maintenance and operation licenses which are examined and approved by the county road transport administrative agencies; We removed eight items concerning the identification of professional qualifications, and effectively reduced the institutional transaction costs of road transport operators. Compulsory secondary maintenance of road transport vehicles was abolished, and it is estimated that the annual burden of enterprises will be reduced by about 8 billion yuan.

We implemented the reform policy of combining the inspection and quarantine of lorries, and reduced the annual operating burden of road freight operators by about 10 billion yuan. We exempted the management of road transportation of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and other low-risk gases in limited bottles, and reduced the logistics cost of enterprises by about 14 billion yuan per year. Break down the system obstacle that affects the development of dump and hang transportation, it is clear that trailer is no longer mandatory secondary maintenance and comprehensive performance testing, trailer does not insure motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance, from July 1 this year for three consecutive years to halve the collection of trailer vehicle purchase tax.

The management autonomy of road passenger transport enterprises has been expanded. For the road passenger transport lines established by line companies or implementing regional management, the transport capacity, shift increase or decrease, and transit stations are determined independently, and more operating autonomy is granted to enterprises. The system of taxi driver qualification examination was optimized, and the national public subject examination and regional subject examination of taxi driver qualification were clearly combined. The reform of motor vehicle driver training was advanced.

Second, we need to stick to the bottom line, work in concert and adopt new measures in market regulation. We will focus on creating a level playing field, improve the regulatory system, innovate regulatory tools, and constantly improve the efficiency of industrial regulation. We have made innovations in the way industry regulation is conducted, vigorously promoted "double randomization and one disclosure" regulation, and guided more than 20 provinces, including jiangsu and zhejiang, in formulating implementation plans. At the same time, it has built a national network of key operating vehicles and a public supervision and service platform for road freight vehicles, realizing real-time and dynamic monitoring of 730,000 vehicles with "two passengers and one danger" and over 5.5 million heavy-duty trucks.

The capacity of safety supervision has been continuously improved. Adhering to the red line and bottom line of safe development, we implemented the "year of road transport safety" campaign in depth, solidified the system of regular quarterly analysis meetings, safety inspections, key interviews, accident analysis and secret visits for road transport safety and production, and realized high-pressure and regular supervision over road transport safety and production.

New forms of business supervision have been strengthened. The guidance opinions of the general office of the state council on deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry and the interim measures on the administration of online booking taxi business and service have been issued. So far, 29 provinces (districts and cities) have issued implementation opinions and 214 cities have issued implementation rules. The ministry of transport has taken the lead in establishing the inter-ministerial joint conference system for collaborative supervision of new forms of transport, and created a collaborative supervision pattern of "division of responsibilities, joint management and comprehensive governance" among 12 departments.

Third, information support, benefit enterprises and benefit the people, in government services out of a hard recruit. We will transform "running errands for the masses" into "running the road with data", so that road transport operators and practitioners can truly feel convenience and benefits.

Government services are more convenient to the people. At present, 10 provinces have realized the inter-provincial comprehensive inspection network and remote detection. Government services have become more intelligent. The road transport administration information system has been networked in 31 provinces, and local governments have actively promoted service applications relying on the transport administration system. The electronic health record system for vehicle maintenance has covered 308 prefectures and municipalities in 23 provinces. Government services have become more transparent. The 12328 transport service supervision telephone system has realized the number one service supervision connection, timely handled complaints and reports, and steadily improved the satisfaction rate of replies.

Aim for "plugging points"

Strive for greater breakthroughs in key links

Although significant achievements have been made in the reform of road transport "decentralization, management and service" in recent years, there are still problems such as too many and too detailed administrative examination and approval projects, and insufficient supervision in the process and after the event. In the new era, the ministry of transport will focus on the "pain points", aim at the "congestion points", continue to deepen the reform of "deregulation and service", and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in key areas and key links.

We will work hard to reduce the burden on market entities and achieve practical results. On the one hand, we will further streamline administration and delegate more power. In terms of streamlining licensing matters, except for matters of major public interest, all the licensing matters shall be cancelled, including the business license for motor vehicle driver training, the business license for road cargo transport stations (sites) and the business license for international road cargo transport. In terms of optimizing the examination and approval process, it is proposed to lower the permission right of the adjacent counties to the county level, and to lower the rest to the city level, except that the inter-provincial operation permission right of the lines with a mileage of more than 800 km is still kept at the provincial level. We plan to reduce the time limit for examination and approval from 20 days to 10 days to save time for the people. On the other hand, further reduce the cost of institutional transactions. We will urge all localities to strictly implement the policy of combining the two inspections of freight vehicles and canceling the mandatory second-level maintenance of operating vehicles.

We will work hard to create a level playing field for business. We will accelerate the establishment of a new road transport market regulation mechanism that takes "dual random and one open" regulation as the basic means, key regulation as a supplement and credit regulation as the basis. First, we will promote full coverage of "dual randomization and one disclosure" oversight. Second, we will vigorously promote the construction of a credit system and impose joint punishments on illegal business operators to make them "one place where they violate the law and are restricted everywhere". Third, we will strengthen coordinated oversight of new forms of transportation. Four is a dynamic regulatory means innovation, speed up the drive taxi booking online platform companies such as open to the government regulation platform sharing operational data, make full use of modern information technology, strengthen the class line passenger, hazardous charter passenger traffic, freight, 12 tons and above general cargo and other key operating vehicle dynamic trajectory monitoring and controlling of the video image.

We will work hard and achieve real results in facilitating the work of mass enterprises. We will advance the reform of "one network, one door and one time" for providing government services, strengthen the application of road transport and government information services, and make government affairs more open.

It is of great significance and far-reaching impact to deepen the reform of "decentralized management and service" to benefit enterprises and the people. The ministry of transport will conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements made by the CPC central committee and the state council, forge ahead and make pioneering innovations, take the responsibility and take the initiative to push forward the reform of "decentralized management and service" to a greater depth, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of people's satisfaction with transportation and the realization of high-quality development of transportation services.