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Road safety
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Road safety
Road safety

Road safety dynamic monitoring

Heyuan Technology's highway safety operation dynamic monitoring and intelligent warning system adopts advanced intelligent omnidirectional wide-spread millimeter-wave surface monitoring radar technology (referred to as “WSDR” technology), which can be used for all time, all-weather, over-the-horizon super-angle of view, accurate, real-time and comprehensive monitoring of road traffic conditions, and timely release real-time road information of traffic section through its advance warning system. It can Improve the safety of travel while improving traffic flow, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of China's smart highway system.

System Features 
◆ all time, all weather
◆ Over-the-horizon, super-viewing
◆ 360° omnidirectional wide-spread full coverage
◆ Low false alarm rate
◆ Real-time situation awareness
◆ Real-time forecast and warning
◆ 5 years maintenance free
◆ Free to clean
◆ Fast response
◆ Accurate tracking
◆ Cost-effective
◆ Easy installation
◆ Customized rule alarming