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Trustworthy system

Experienced design
Relying on the rich experience of transportation industry design and manufacturing, we provide customers with innovative ground radar monitoring application solutions that best meet customer needs. The system accurately tracks vehicles, pedestrians, animals and debris and raise alarms in real time. The low false alarm rate and precise tracking characteristics of this system have been greatly recognized by end-users.

Quality Standard
The company is a designer and supplier of award-winning ground radar monitoring solutions. Our innovative technology is ISO 9001 certified and ensures the highest quality standards are met. Our patented products are used in many industries such as intelligent transportation, intelligent security, and other applications ranging from highways, airports, rail transit, oil fields, terminals, borders, government areas, jurisdictions, inland rivers and lakes to classified units.

Reliable after sales service
No matter where you install it, the Customer Support Center can provide technical support via the Internet to solve customer problems. To give customers peace of mind, experienced teams can provide up to 10 years of maintenance contracts and technical support programs.

5 years maintenance free


The company has long been committed to providing customers with innovative technology and advanced technical experience to protect the best interests of customers. All of our business relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees are based on the principles of integrity and ensuring the best possible service to our customers.

High cost performance
The unparalleled nature of the system makes it far superior to existing mainstream incident detection systems. Taking the one-kilometer covering range as an example, even if 12 sets of video surveillance equipment + 10 sets of loop vehicle detectors are installed, the monitoring performance cannot reach to one radar system. In addition, the system only needs to be maintained every 5 years after in operation, and it takes less than 30 minutes to complete. There is no need to clean the system, and once it is put into use, no subsequent calibration is required. Sensors can be installed on existing infrastructure with very low voltage and limited data connections.

Software integration
The system software was designed and produced by our award-winning design team. Integration with other systems is easily accomplished through an XML interface and standard interoperability protocols.