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Traffic safety facilities
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radar Intelligent perception of rail transit operational environment

Safety monitoring and early warning system

Safety monitoring in key prevention areas of rail transit within 1-6km

Railway operation safety hazards usually come from rolling Stones, pedestrians, vehicles, animals and other objects, as well as illegal destruction, crossing the rail barrier or placing objects on the track. It is expected that the operating mileage of China's railways will reach 120,000 km by 2020, so it is urgent to solve the safety management problems along the railways.

For safety monitoring in key prevention areas of railway tracks, such as roadbed, road, bridge, tunnel, highway across the railway and the throat area ,we rely on the current precautions, like manpower, video monitoring, vibration optical fiber, Microwave counterradiation detection, but to some extent the waste of manpower, financial resources is caused, and monitoring behavior are influenced by environmental factors such as light, angle, protective area is small and easy to be identified and bypass, with high rate of false positives. 

The safety monitoring and early warning system of intelligent perception radar for rail transit operating environment can realize non-contact monitoring and automatic alarm for obstacles and abnormal events along the railway. The system can also integrate existing acousto-optic equipment to effectively deter illegal invasion. And, more importantly, when many alarms are existing at the same time, it also can achieve multi-point positioning and alarm area corresponding to the column control partition is automatically pop-up at the monitoring terminal. In case of emergency, according to the control partition and online running train's occlusion position information, crane operator can command the start-stop of the train, in order to ensure the safety operation of the train.